Ways to Give

HOPE VILLAGE Orphan Care Center - HIV / AIDS Rehabilitation, Feeding & Orphans Care Center - Malawi, Africa

HOPE Village Children’s Home is an HIV /AIDS Orphan Care Center where children affected by AIDs receive residential care, nutritious food, clean water, and  medications as well as emotional and spiritual care.    HOPE Village is a compassionate community sustained by a Poultry Barn, Garden, Farm and Maize Mill, with the dream of a medical clinic, outreach churches and our own schools.

Aeta Children's Home - Philippines

These are some of the Aeta Children being cared for through your donation to the Aeta Children's Home.
Your gift provides food, shelter, and education that would otherwise be unaccessible.

Pastors' Support and Outreach

Hope Endeavors works with national Pastors by providing encouragement and training through Pastoral Conferences, Marriage Seminars and the provision of resources. This project provides Bibles, commentaries and reference material to help support their growth and enable them to reach their communities. These Pastors also work with HOPE Village to provide spiritual lessons to our children and to the children from the villages surrounding HOPE Village through our Bible Camps. Additionally, we are supporting four Outreach Pastors in the Philippines - bringing the Hope of Christ to the next generation. With your help, we can provide additional support to our pastors and their families.

Hope Endeavors General Fund/Special Projects

Choose this option if you would like to make a donation or monthly donation, but want us to choose where it is needed most at this time.