Short-term Mission Trips

Our Team Endeavors

We design, coordinate and lead short-term vision and outreach mission trips that are designed to work alongside and support a local ministry on a foreign field. These trips range from 1to 4 weeks in duration. Teams are made up of individuals, families, and groups with willing hearts and hands.

Projects include:
Construction, Medical, Kids Camps and Teaching

A Hope Endeavors trip will…

  • Help you and your organization to better understand and support missions.
  • Present an opportunity to greatly impact a foreign ministry by equipping nationals, providing resources and encouraging missionaries.
  • Bring an awareness of missions which can significantly impact all areas of your life including giving , involvement and the practice of servant-hood.
  • Provide a setting in which participants can learn and live out biblical ideals such as compassion, love, unity and humility.

Our Short-term Mission trips are designed to connect individuals, churches and community groups in America with Local Ministries abroad to meet their specific needs.

We facilitate this connection by...

  • Conducting seminars and providing resources to inspire and motivate participation in missions
  • Providing education, training and administration to prepare groups to be sent out on short-term missions teams.
  • And finally by …. Leading Vision and Outreach trips.

On these trips, the team would…

  • Distribute food and clothes
  • Provide medicines and health education through health care clinics to meet basic physical needs
  • Help build churches and church communities to meet spiritual needs

These trips are focused on bringing hope ..The Hope… and Changing Lives – Their Lives and Our Lives.

For information on our upcoming trips, please contact us.