Community Nursing Program

Our program is directed by our Community Nurse, Clement.  He works hand in hand with the Nctheu Hospital and the Biriwi Health Center to implement our projects and provide community health services to HOPE Village and its surrounding villages.  The staff from these two facilities are also providing resources to our program.

Our program provides four targeted clinics:

  1. Health Clinic and Health Monitoring of our Children at Hope Village
  2. ART Clinic at HOPE Village for HIV/Aids testing and treatment
  3. Mother/Baby - Reproductive Health services in local community 
  4. Under Five Clinics and Growth monitoring in the local community as well.

This program reaches more than 2000 children and 500 Mothers and Babies every month.  Medical Supplies are always needed as well as funds for transportation and salaries for our nurses and clinicians.  Together, we are bringing Health and Hope to Malawi.